AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF – Mutatis Mutandis (CD-r on Attenuation Circuit)

Fishing for eel using a horse head, that is, quite literally translated, the practice that Mirko Uhlig is using as a German name for his vehicle.  

Reviewing the discography, Aalfang has an impressive list of releases starting in 2004. It caught me by surprise that it only started then, as I had the feeling with this avantgardist project it had already existed for decades. Maybe because of the name, the irony it continuously displays, album and title names, and basically everything has a great resemblance to the German avant-garde that reared it’s ugly head during the eighties, P16.D4, and of course the absurd collages of the famous couchdeers aka H.N.A.S.  

The guy behind the spoken intro is Frans de Waard, the Dutch prolific composer behind Beequeen, Freiband, Tobacconists and a lot more aliases. This release, we find out, is a remix of a short track released on a compilation album. Where it originally was a short, 1 minute track, it is stretched on this CD-r to a 38 minute duration. The original also can be heard here, and remarkably only adds another minute or so to the total disc length. Analyzing the stuff, the result is kind of great. Where the original sounds very hermetic and cold, the remix becomes highly expansive and hypnotic. It would be appropriate to file under drone music, but with the possibility of it being mistaken for boring music only suitable to fall asleep to, I would decide not to do so. This 38 minute track of slowly evolving enigma’s belongs in the shady and difficult to describe state between waking and sleeping where a lot is going on when listening closely. For me that remains a good place to reside. PvdG.

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