Analogue Society - Mechanical Restraint (7" Fylkingen Records)

Recorded live in the studio by members unknown (to me at least), the object of the process was to record analogue devices in all their stark, unaffected naturalness. The whirrs, ticks and occasional metal-on-metal soft skree have a life all their own. It's like taking a ride on an old and wonky lift to the top floor. While it strains to get there, it reveals the effort by cricking, squeaking and humming, slipping a few cogs along the way. 

The B-side has more extended parts where what must be a propeller (if the cover by Lary 7 and Leif Elggren are anything to go by) whirrs away, and then in the opposite direction. Click, burrrrrr. Oh yes and one of the gizmos they use is a hydrophone pickup. Nice. 

Very fine pressing of an altogether enjoyable 12 minute ride. HM