Arbeit/Beauchamp/Palumbo Ė Torino 012010 (CD Tourette)

Jochen Arbiet takes some time out from Neubauten duties to release this double CD of pieces recorded in Torino. His partners on this release are Paul Beauchamp and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo of Blind Cave Salamander.

Disc one is made up of tracks recorded at O.F.F studios in Torino in January 2010 recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Milanesio who often engineers and produces for Blind Cave Salamander. The only name associated with Blind Cave Salamander and missing from here is cellist Julie Kent (though she has been performing live with them recently). The 2nd disc is from a live performance in the same town on 24th January 2010.

Itís good to see that what weíve ended up with is not just a mix of Neubauten and BC Salamander. The three of them work well together and have come up with a series of compelling and varied soundscapes.

The pieces themselves are more texture than melody. The guitar is used is a way that makes it obvious itís a guitar in that there are repeated phrases and refrains but itís more used for the value of its sound rather than the range or pattern of notes it can play or the chords that can be teased from it. Thereís a noticeable restraint in what the three of them come up with and even at times where it starts to get slightly more manic it still never goes full pelt into loudness for the sake of it. Instead itís a album of fairly gently pieces that leave plenty of space for each of the three of them to make their particular contribution heard and for no one player to be the dominant person. If you had to point at a influence then a combination of Krautrock and ambient would not be too far wide of the mark.

The 2nd disc is one long live piece of 62 minutes. Parts of it are clearly tracks of the studio pieces on disc1 but other parts sound as if they are developing small parts of those studio tracks. Some of the keyboard parts certainly have a different air about them as the sounds being used in some sections sound far more rooted on the 80s than the 70s sounds we heard on the studio pieces. The live disc doesnít work as well for me as the studio pieces and I think this is the sort of music that live you would benefit from a lot more if you were actually there while it was being played.

All in all though a pretty accomplished album and Iíd like to hear an album where they also get Julia Kent to join in too. DB