Alessandro Bosetti - Exposť (CD Die Schachtel)

Released as part of an installation in a gallery in Milan, Bosetti constructed a series of clearly defined instructions for the artist to follow. For example, 'Dress in a bridegroom's suit and wait.' However, with the cd, rather than document the sonic results, the instructions themselves become the piece. So what is it, the initial suggestion or the final result? Or neither. The reinterpretation of instruction as material rather than direction alters what at first would have appeared to be a predictable result. 

For the collaboration Bosetti has employed the voice of Audrey Chen who's best known for her cello work and involvement with the High Zero Collective of Baltimore. Here's it's her cold and precise voice that reads out the instructions with a keyboard (Fender Rhodes?) that follows her note for note. The string-plucks and subdued electronic sounds that gain in momentum (all things are relative though!) begin the album well-placed between the spaces, then later fill those gaps.  

If there is comparison to made, the experience of the listening to the album is that of listening to an early Laurie Anderson album. No bad thing. Personally, although I can appreciate the process and can enjoy the almost mathematical structuring, it's an idea that is expansive in potential and yet wearying in execution. Those of you who are of the philosophical bent will love it. Us simpletons will have to make do with saying "OK, I get it. Now can we do something else?' 

The cd comes extravagantly packaged in a 10" sized hand-drawn opaque sleeve containing the cd mounted on a black card and 33 sheets of instructions. Numbered and signed edition of 33 signed by Bosetti. There is also a standard edition (digipak) cd available. HM