Alexei Borisov - Before The Evroremont (CD N & B Research)  


One long piece by this Russian artist. Recorded at the Avanto Festical in 10 Nov 2001.

This is a well put together sound collage taking in all manner of environmental sounds (including one slightly distorted Microsoft one) in a nicely balanced piece. Itís a very accessible work which gently moves from itís soft quiet beginnings to a more harsher abrasiveness.  

There is a sociological aspect to this with Evroremont being a Muscovite term for the replacing of old style USSR furnishings with more IKEA like Western ones. And I understand that this piece is Alexeiís criticism of this new trend. I believe the original performance of this piece was designed to run alongside a slide show of Moscow garages and outbuildings. Though it quite happily stands up to repeated listening with no visual stimuli at all. DB