Andrea Belfi - Knots (CD Die Schachtel)

With a background in art and the making of electronic music with Medves, Andrea has a less formalized approach to sound. His previous release, 'Between Neck and Stomach' (on the Häpna label) involved the use of a house as an instrument. The clattering of pans and banging of doors. 

With so much to draw on it's heartening to hear Andrea to hold back and, this time, work with a smaller range of sounds. Using softened-sound percussion and the ringing of cymbals, he lets electronic tones slip in as well. The understated tones don't go as far as to bolster the sound, instead they reveal a depth to the room. Most interesting of all is during the first track where the tones repeatedly appear and then fall silent. It's the absence of the tones that emphasize his tempered percussion. 

The process of cycles appear more blatant in the final track with a regular thud that gives it forward progression. Whilst the broken continuity of the previous tracks is finally resolved here, it's still made up of fragments that happen to have come together. Far from being forced into places, they drifted together. 

As part of the label's Zeit series, it's suitably housed in the usual snazzy fold-out digipak with recognisably 'in house' artwork. HM