Andreas Bertilsson - Paramount (CD Komplott)

It's always the case. When things go to plan you end up with something that neither questions your understanding of your work, nor interacts with the exterior world in a different way. On September 16th 2006, when months of work went badly wrong due to a screwed up computer, Andreas salvaged what remained, processed and reworking these broken pieces into something surprisingly expressive. An unintended collaboration between computer, human and the haunted beings that were rumoured to inhabit the country house he worked in became this 'other' that Andreas couldn't possibly have envisaged. Doors flung open, footsteps tread across the floors, presences made themselves felt and faint EVP phenomena broke into his recordings. It was this melding of the natural, supernatural and the digital that caused an aural tension; a tussle for a broader space in which to occupy the same plain. 

An enjoyable story and one that lends a more secure foundation to the album. Over the course of three movements Andreas builds a structure out of scattered fragments initially more akin to improv, but which assembles itself into a heated density that reflects the state of fear he felt during those two weeks in the haunted house. There's a musicality to it. Notes and sounds tumble over the top of weighty gliding tones. It evolves in a recognizably formal way while allowing full emersion. Sounds of water wash through as nature maintains an insistent presence. Out of nature comes all things, particularly the unforeseen and unimagined. 

On the face of it it's another pretty good album by the man who's better known as 'Son of Clay', but on further hearing there are things going on here that may disturb. HM