Badland - The Society of the Spectacle (CD Emanem)

With a line-up consisting of Simon Rose, Steve Noble and Simon H. Fell, the Badland project is going to be something special. For the first half of the 8 track album it's quiet and methodical to the point of being ponderous. Space is the place. Small moments are given room to exist without being pushed to develop into anything larger. A refreshing thing. As the album goes further into wide territories of the accepted language of jazz, things flourish and tumble without losing definition with the wildly ambitious 'Mia.' 

Noble's phenomenal drumming takes in all styles all once, snapping them, fusing them, coming up with combinations that  break timelines of jazz history. Rose's alto sax playing has one foot in Europe and one in American free jazz, pushing harder naturally and never sounding like he's keeping within limits. I'd like to have had Fell's fluid double bass a lot higher in the mix as he puts in sharp angles one moment and then goes off on a roll the next.  

It's an album that rekindles my faith in the human spirit for adventure and the sheer joy of living; an album to revel in. It's that rare thing, a recording that comes near as dammit to capturing the live experience. HM