Bailterspace – Trinine (CD Fire Records)

I have to admit I missed the news that Bailterspace had reformed in 2012 so it came as a pleasant surprise when I saw that they’d released a new album Trinine.

In their prime Bailterspace got plenty of comparisons to New York’s Sonic Youth due to their huge loud noisy stylings. After such a long gap the similarity is still glaringly obvious. Not in the walls of noise but more in the song style and the melodies they use. There’s nothing wrong in sounding like or writing like your contemporaries but with Trinine this sometimes overshadows what are essentially some good songs.

When Bailterspace manage to go beyond this and move into and inhabit their own space the album comes together well with its squally guitars and solid drumming reminding of just how powerful a force they were back in their heyday.

For a band that’s been away for so long Trinine is a solid record for them to re-emerge to. It’s not faultless but it’s still a long way ahead of those who followed in their footsteps. DB.