SIMON BALESTRAZZI – The sky is full of kites (CD Boring Machines)

3 tracks by Italian composer Balestrazzi on the always illusive Boring Machines-label. His take on drones is almost pure workmanship, carefully put together, try, listen, redo, and so on. After careful manipulation of electronics in order to get the basis 100% right, acoustic noises are randomly dispersed over the atmospheric soundscapes adding identity, depth and colour. The music has some complementary quality to country mates My Cat is an Alien, where the latter are interested in space and go as high as possible, Balestrazzi explores earth and everything beneath that. Indeed having no other options with a sky filled with kites so dense, the only direction to go is down, digging deep into the earth, looking for buried treasures and finding them. Finding them, and giving them names like Persistence of Memory.  

This stuff is something one can get addicted to, playing it over and over, every time succeeding in hallucinatory traveling to the center of the earth. 3 tracks that are continuously competing with one another as to which is the best work, a question that remains merely unanswered. After multiple listening experiences I cannot pick a single one that stands out – here’s 3 precious stones for the price of an ordinary compact disc. PvdG.