Bardo Pond - Peace on Venus (CD Fire)

After 8 albums youíd be forgiven for expecting a band to be getting tired and running out of ideas but with Peace on Venus, Bardo Pondís 9th they appear if anything to be getting even more compelling to listen to.

Bardo Pond showed their template with albums like Aminita and why mess with such a good base to work from. Peace on Venus is Stoner Rock mixed with Krautrock mixed with Psych. Heavy riffs and solo guitar lines with an intoxicatingly distorted  sound that  echoes Neil Young at his most out there. If you add to the mix Isobelís underground folk sounding vocals and her melodic flute lines I guess you have a juxtaposition that gives you  the perfect mix.

Itís hard to find a highlight on an album like this as it works as a whole and almost blends in together to make it one long wild adventure but if push comes to shove then the slow building 11 minute Chance is probably the main contender with its wildly distorted guitars gradually getting more and more intense and Isobelís flute trying hard in parts to match it.

Certainly up there with the best of Bardo Pondís work and Iíd love to see how these work live. DB.