Pascal Battus & Alfredo Costa Monteiro – Fêlure (CD Organized Music from Thessaloniki)


Despite being released in 2012 and the recording even dating back to 2010 this gem was only recently brought to my attention. The scant information on the recycled paper sleeve indicates Battus being  responsible for ‘Rotating Surfaces’ and Monteiro taking care of ‘Amplified Paper’. On Fêlure, which means crack or burst in French, the duo of Pascal Battus and Alfredo Costa Monteiro both seems to only work with paper and microphones and with this minimalistic approach an intimate result is achieved that works on all levels. At high volume the grinding thunder rumbles, becoming imminent but never intrusive or too prominent whilst at more modest levels the sounds are intoxicating and when absent they form a still point in the chaos of time.  

Notwithstanding the lo-fi character of their attempts, Fêlure brings forward unexpected variation, sometimes noisy and abrasive but also quiet, drony and astonishingly eerie. Some lengthy explorations create atmospheres where it becomes difficult to tell what is coming out of your speakers and what (develops) further in one’s head, as if vapors of a dream still being around intertwine with the amplified oscillations made from just cellulose.  

The Greek Organized music from Thessaloniki label is run by Kostis Kilymis and releases stuff with the discipline to focus on quality rather than quantity. In this case electro-acoustic free improvisation with a slightly psychedelic twist – what more can you wish for. PvdG.