Beequeen - Sandancing (CD Important Records)

A downbeat guitar, bass slinky bass lines and a simple drum box give each other all the space they need. Appropriately it sounds like an album made by a duo who've been at it for donkey's years. Frans de Waard and Freek Kinkelaar have a huge back-catalogue but this is one of their most enjoyable so far. Seriously. There's nowt wrong with being accessible. 

It's a finely recorded and assembled album that is cinematic in scope and yet beautifully detailed. It has a finesse and lightness of touch that allows the electronics to compliment the formal song structures and folk elements. The laconic vocals by Olga Wallis add to the atmosphere of drift and soft swirl; a little smile in the summer Sun. Simple pleasures with no need for progression. 

A favourite is the final track (I have no tracklisting) which works and reworks highly regimented machine music. Piano and electronic keys work at the rigidity and, through arrangement, allows you to hear it in different ways. Smart closing track. 

The Legendary Pink Dots' Barry Gray contributes guitar on one track, if that matters to you. 

Packaged in a very attractive gatefold card sleeve with excellent artwork by...... dunno. Annoyingly it doesn't say. HM