Bewider - Full Panorama (CD Folk Wisdom /Interbang Records)


Piernicola Di Muro knows his way around a studio. He knows how to create emotion from a few source elements. This is because his day job is that of a film and television composer, but on ‘Full Panorama’, his debut album under the Bewider moniker, he really lets rip, delivering an hour of music that is genre fluid and packs and emotional punch.

There is a wonky techno vibe bubbling just below the surface. It prevents the synths from getting bogged down with clever tones and loops. Whilst the beats never really break a sweat and everything has a post-night out feeling of calm. Then there are moments when it ratchets up. Opening track ‘Panorama’ could easily be played out in the small room. And this is what ‘Full Panorama’ and ‘Sartorius’ does incredibly well. They straddle the thin line between a night out and a night in. ‘Sartorius’ features an unrelenting bassline that feels like it was created using on-input mixer techniques. At times it feel like a distorted feedback loop, but when it kicks in, it is one of the most devastating sections on the album. This is where we get a true glimpse of Di Muro’s intentions for the Bewider project. Dark, repetitive and very, very addictive. ‘We Must Dream as We Act’ is what Vangelis might sound like if he started to experiment with bass music. The synths are crisp and clear, but the bass wobbly with fractured texture that sounds exquisite LOUD.  

Di Muro wants us to listen to ‘Full Panorama’ on headphones. He wants us to pick up all the minute details that pepper each song. And he’s right. On headphones the album takes on a more sinister vibe, offering a slightly skewed soundtrack to your daily life. But this makes sense as Di Muro is also a composer of music for film and television. He is used to scoring scenes of action and drama, but now he has managed to score scenes of urban mundanity. It’s his strongest score to date and he will never fully realise how well his music slots into the images of life. NR.