Bio + Larkian + Les Poissons Autistes – s/t (CD three:four records)

Underground from Switzerland, born out of a remote connection among 3 Swiss artists, presented here on disk in a beautifully designed arty sleeve. What started as a file exchange between Julien Baillod (Bio), Cyril Monnard (Larkian) and Philippe Simon & Stéphane Babey (Les Poissons Autistes) resulted in a cohesive expression of art. The 7 tracks all have a laidback feel to them, with a vast formulae, that every time works nicely towards some kind of climax.

The strength comes from densely layered structures that are also trans lucid at the same time. It took me quite a few listens before this disc revealed where its roots came from ; they seem to have been firmly planted and grown starting somewhere in the eighties. If it’s of any help, there’s lots of references here. On several (all instrumental) tracks there are hints of the intrusive drones of Black to Comm (listen to ‘Si j’etais chez vous’ and ‘Sans rancune’) mixed with the drama, patented by Dead can Dance dominating, ‘Vous faites vraiment trop chier’ resembles Controlled Bleeding at their better, more ethereal moments and on ‘Le kiki dans’ the cold wave of Trisomie 21 echoes through.

The result of this collaboration certainly has its moments that are rewarding, but for me however, the issue with the album is that there also seems to continuously be some kind of what I call ‘elitist coldness’ present in the music, leaving insufficient room for improvisation and tension. Quite often there is a feeling that intended calmness becomes replaced by laziness making things sound predictable and even soulless.    

CD in an edition of 500. PvdG