Blind Cave Salamander / Pietro Riparbelli/K11 Ė The Nietzsche Fabrik sessions/Transmission (CD Radical



In June 2008 Blind Cave Salamander were invited to take part in the Torino World Design Capital festival presenting a site specific performance to be staged in the roof of the Nietzsche Fabrik workshop and incorporating sounds from the local machines, smithies and carpenters at work. The material on the Blind Cave Salamander portion of this Cd are the in studio rehearsals for the performance edited and reworked by Marco Milanesio.

The Blind Cave Salamander portion of the Cd is pretty much in line with what you expect from them. Rather well crafted electroacoustic pieces incorporating guitar, electronics, field recordings and synths. The highlight of the Blind Cave Salamander tracks though, for me, is the moments where Julia Kentís cello is featured. The way she plays it is so emotive and beautiful that itís hard not to be moved by the sounds that are teased from it.

With the exception of the third track on which they choose to play a saw (and for me the sound of a saw being played is never going to be anything other than grating) thereís little to say in a critical way about these pieces. The use of the workshop and local machine sounds is done subtly and they are fairly obviously used but in no way detract and in fact add a little bit more texture to the compositions.

For the second part of the album Pietro Riparbelli /K11 has recorded the broadcast of the Blind Cave Salamander pieces using Short Wave and FM radio signals inside the Etruscan necropolis of the ancient Kystra. Recording in the necropolis has added huge amounts of reverb and density to the pieces giving them a very dark ambient feel. Itís almost heading towards Lustmord in the hugeness of the sounds and the time some of them sustain for and take to decay. The only problem is that here you are more or less at the mercy of nature and itís hard to let it do much apart from take its course. So whilst some of this works really well in other parts it seems as though itís almost spiralling out of control. DB