Boogarins - As Plantas Que Curam (CD Other Music)

Listening to ‘Plants That Heal”, I like to imagine that somewhere in time, some place in Brazil a record surfaces from 69 containing some of Brazils best psych outfit. They were pretty much unknown, maybe had some success in their own country, but beyond that just overshadowed by continent contemporaries Almendra. Fuzz guitars exploring beauty with short songs and naïve dreams.

Or, let’s for the moment just assume there is a renewed need for late sixties LSD-infused psych, to again experience a summer of love, Boogarins would  be able to fill that gap. The fact that this is recorded by a duo from Brazil just recently (2013!) does not really matter as it really is a quite brilliant collection of pop songs, sounding sometimes like Exile on Main Street inspired blues, early Beatle-esque psychedelica and Floydian weirdness, in fact there are numerous references that apply, maybe with the only criterion that they need to be recorded before 1975. Other great moments happen when they seem to be stuck in finding directions and instead keep on playing the same chords endlessly. All the songs are  not so much extraordinary in terms of originality, yet Boogarins offer translucence thoughts, nimble glamour and lots of happy memories floating on LSD, acting as a precursor to an era that developed slowly a darker sound, struggling with a legacy that needed to be exorcised with prog, psych and punk ; Boogarins as the support act to The Mars Volta, or something like that. But primarily they establish catchy tunes that sit somewhere between sixties psych and seventies prog and show how the spirit of a never ending summer could turn into a dawning autumn, shrouded with lots of fuzz and reverb. PvdG.