Borbetomagus – Zurich (CD Agaric)


Zurich to me always has a magical perception, almost in the center of the ancient European continent, its old, attracting freethinkers, the place where Dadaism was introduced, etc. It also is the title of an original noisejazz album by eclectic rockers Borbetomagus, originally recorded in Double LP released on their own Agaric Records in 1985, now for the first time released on CD. Even without listening I for sure knew Borbetomagus magic cacophonious outbursts again would be able to make for a great trip, a show of strength. As 3 very normal looking blokes they create these beautiful sonic incursions, constructing alienating temples that with their totally amorphous structures allow for worshipping the unknown,  ranging from truly amazing to sheer hellish rasps they push jazz outer limits continuously further using say…..Whitehouse aesthetics. I tried this one driving 130 kilometers per hour, with a stinging winter sun, trees still bleak and loud sax shrieks blending in creating a perfect psychedelic experience. This works as long as one does not try to find some anchors, because there’s none and accepting that drowning is the only option comes with great reward. Using their ‘patented’ Sonic-Surgical-Strike Technique, they stretch the moment of transformation of ugliness into beauty (and vice versa).

Those calling this freejazz or whatsoever are wrong or at least doing not full justice to this. For me Borbetomagus still make the most deeply profound psyched out noise ever. Borbetomagus’ Zurich is a tour de force, a standard of orgasmic proportions to which all of the freejazz community has to be measured. Or, as Rev. Dr. Paul puts in the liner notes ; ‘If you’ve got shit in your ears, consider Borbetomagus as the double tipped barbed-wire musical swab you’ve been looking for’. And that probably is a well meant advice one best takes at heart. PvdG.