BORBETOMAGUS – Trente Belles Années (CD Agaric)

I was reading a review about this Borbetomagus release some time ago and there was this specific comment that resonated within me for a while ; it boiled down to that this is music that can always easily get one some place elsewhere, meaning a metaphysical transportation of the mind. I realized that that indeed is a very important criteria, if not the most important of all, defining music worth to listen to.  

Borbetomagus are Don Dietrich, Don Miller and Jim Sauter and have played 2 tenor saxophones and guitar in a quite unconventional and aggressive way for over 3 decades now. The story of these 30 beautiful years is summarized in retrospect in an abrasive and noisy tale, but always in style. A tour de force with 2 tenor saxophones and a guitar creating a psychedelic assault on all senses through this devastating noisefest of free improvisation but above all with passion. And it is this passion that is captured here, and there is just so much that at a certain moment it almost seems to solidify in the dank condition of the room. Beautiful effects start to surface when played at a higher volume and focused listening, as guitar chords float along and start to meet and interact with saxophone howls. I like to believe that these are chance meetings that occur as the ever continuing wall of noise does not seem to have a preset structure, and also doesn’t need one.  

Celebrating 3 beautiful decades, I can imagine it must have been pure magic that night, somewhere in a stiffling room, not too far away from Paris where these 47 minutes of pure exaltation were recorded and eternalized, at least for a while. PvdG.