Paul Bradley & Cria Cuervos, with Andrew Liles - Moraines II (CD Small Voices)


When the original Moraines cdr album was released in an edition of 150, the identifiably glacial feel garnered good reviews for its coherently assembled and finely tuned work. While Bradley's large back catalogue is familiar, Cria Cuervos (Eugenio Maggi)was new to me. Based in Italy he fitted in neatly with the Bradley/Potter axis. 

The first thing you learn about music made on computers is that the possibilities for mixing, reworking and radically processing are quite literally endless. The toughest thing to learn is when to stop. So what of Moraines II? Was there a need for it? Well, no, but I'm glad they did it. They stripped down the original and made it a deeper, wider and a more intense experience. This plays with nature and minimalism; a magnifying glass on the simple elements. If you're familiar with their work, you'll be familiar with what to expect. 

Does it move the narrative on? No. But it is a darn enjoyable album. Ambient without being overly still; restless without losing an emotional content. 

Of added interest is the track by Andrew Liles, the hardest working musician around He's provided his own remix which faithfully adapts the original through the somewhat warped lens unique to Liles. The giveaway is the subtitle 'A Sisyphus Existence.' Crikey, it's a tough life out there in Liles Towers. 

The cd comes packaged in a very attractive fold-put textured wallet with what appears to be hand assembled water-marbling covers. Elegant at all times. HM