Brother Sun Sister Moon -  S/T (CD Denovali)


Brother Sun Sister Moon is a collaboration between Alicia Merz (Of Birds of Passage) and Gareth Munday (of Rooflight).

What I really liked about the Birds of Passage album Winter Lady was its cold minimal ethereal sounds, its otherworldliness. Brother Sun Sister Moon take elements of that and juxtapose it with some more beat orientated electronica pieces and the results are slightly mixed. The tracks that sound the most like Birds of Passage are the ones that make this a worthwhile project, the heavily reverbed haunting vocals are there along with the atmospheres. Whatís changed is perhaps the more folky element in terms of instrumentation creeping in amongst the field recordings. To some degree this comes across as progression from Winter Lady, particularly with the opener Ghosts of Barry Mill but on others such as Cope Iím left wondering if they are slightly taking something away from the elements that made Winter Lady such a compelling listen.

Rooflight have fairly Dubstep roots and Gareth brings this influence with him on a few of the more rhythm heavy pieces. In their own right they work, itís almost like the Cocteau Twins and Seefeel hitting the dance floor when you add in Aliciaís vocals but as part of this album Iím not sure that they necessarily fit in.

I have mixed feelings about this album if you took away the rhythmic pieces it would flow better but it would be less of a collaboration and more like a Birds of Passage album. But maybe thatís what I was hoping for. It would be interesting to see them collaborate further and see if they can find a third way that really amalgamates more of what they do rather than having pieces where one party dominates more than the other does. DB