John Butcher & Andy Moor - Experiments with a Leaf (CD Unsounds)

Mostly of a more incendiary or frazzled nature, the five collaborative improvisations  here between these two much respected figures in such worlds certainly ram home just how potent they can be still. John Butcherís saxophones have over the years witnessed him collaborating with giants such as Derek Bailey, Phil Minton, Fred Frith and Eddie Prevost, amongst countless others, so itís little wonder his earthy and earnest approach tends towards a playful yet uncompromising sensibility rarely melodic or sugar-coated. This provides the perfect counterpart to Andy Moorís either batting out dangerous shards or attacking his strings like a hearty meal when famished, bound in between by sawing, rasping and picking at notes already hammered shapeless. Andy, of course, is a member of Dutch jazz-punk group, The Ex, plus also runs Unsounds and evidently has a keen ear for uneasy listening. Experiments with a Leaf triumphantly and defiantly compounds the latter point without compromising those flames of life at its very core. Incredible work. RJ.