Paul Beauchamp - Grey Mornings (CD Boring Machines)


Beginning around two decades ago, Paul Beauchamp initially cut his teeth as a musician in rhythmic industrial group Sikhara before then becoming one third of the wonderful Blind Cave Salamander and simultaneously embarking on a path as a solo artist given to ambient compositions. Sometimes collaborating with others, such as the equally prolific Fabrizio Palumbo, his course is charted by albums that sway between crystalline beauty, dreamlike textures,, troubled swells and an ultimately filmic gauze which affords space enough for more surprising elements to enter the fray. Grey Mornings, presumably inspired by a trip to the UK, is his sixth or seventh outing under his own guise and consists of nine pieces gliding between those spaces he’s already proved himself a deft hand at. Deploying all from a dulcimer and musical saw to field recordings, Beauchamp conjures music not only suggestive of depth and meaning, but also those worlds just beyond our peripheries. ‘Haze’, with its gentle strumming and Lovecraftian swirls ebbing into the background, is particularly good. I could use more of this. RJ.