Thomas Buckner/Claudio Parodi - Taken From a True Story (CD Extreme)


Buckner is a baritone vocalist, known for his improvisations in a modern jazz setting and his association with Robert Ashley in the early 1980s amongst other things, whilst Parodi is a contemporary multi-instrumentalist who has several releases behind him based on electronics, piano, modulators and suchlike. He also has a couple dedicated to the work of, respectively, Alvin Lucier and Pauline Oliveros, thus shining a modicum of light on his own perspective. The pieces here display a sometimes tumultuous yet steady gush of vocalised yelps, stammers, groans, half-worded phrases and similar utterances accompanied by a Turkish clarinet that gyrates and squelches alongside in a mostly subdued manner. As with so much of this kind of music, subtlety, tact and space remain integral throughout, rendering this album a nice entry point for those inquisitive enough to begin exploring this particular crease of the universe. Otherwise, the chemistry here is more than evident, but Id have personally enjoyed the experience more if some of the vocals themselves were manipulated a la Henri Chopin or Robert Ashley. As it stands, its hard not to at least appreciate the earthiness and raw gut expression anyway. RJ