CAN “KHAN” ORAL – Angels of Disguise (the abstract aesthetics of digital flaneurism) (CD/DVD Fantome)

Following almost hot on the heels of the somewhat awkward success of 50 Shades of Grey novel, where we read about love’s darker corners, Berlin based Can “Khan” Oral promises perversion for the ear. The man behind this project is a music and film music producer, nowadays based in Frankfurt.  The project tries to find an answer to the (rather senseless and silly) question ; why is pornography mainly visual and rarely aural?  

Reading the text that comes with the box, consisting of a book, a DVD and CD, the project is the result of wanderings through cyberspace.  According to his website, the audio consists mainly of “Sound collage of found amateur audio off Internet porn sites accompanied by video”. From time to time it feels like voyeurism, a bit comparable to the intimate conversations immortalized on Rimbaud’s Scanner collages. The most striking and memorable characteristic of a few listening sessions is the cold and absolute, unprecedented paleness of this disc’s audio offerings. Do not expect something perverse or even misogynistic. The whip striking cold flesh on #3, the gore of #6 and explicit language are far from thrilling but the record becomes more interesting as it gets more abstract as it progresses.  

As a one-off, an interesting project. Interesting in a way I guess it is interesting to experience dining in the dark, shutting of one important sense and where other senses are promised to be heightened. Here in practice the frustration level is heightened the most. Not because visuals are missing, but merely because the absence of a soul is suffocating.  The accompanying DVD adds value to the package. The audio is remixed and loses some of its bleakness. The screen shows a radiant moon, a slowly pulsating point of seduction that sighs “Come into my light I got so much love to show you”. PvdG.