Canyons of Static – Farewell Shadows (CD Oxide Tones)


This could have been a very nice postrock outing from this quintet out of Wisconsin if only some vocals were added. The risk of releasing a disk with 5 instrumental emorock tracks like this, is that one gets bored. The problem with this smooth production, with it’s drums sounding clean and straightforward combined with the guitar playing the same kind of lullabies over and over again, is just that it is not very good nor is it very bad. The best track is ‘Veil’, that adds some stunning guitar tunes whereas the rest has nothing more than some resemblance to the Cure jamming during their least inspiring moments. I am convinced that vocals would have done a lot for this music, now listening to Farewell Shadows feels just too much as if it is the karaoke version of their greatest hits. PvdG