Carlton Melton - Always Even (CD Agitated)

Itís easy to get lost in amongst the huge plethora of psych bands out there these days; they seem to be popping up everywhere. But some stand taller than others and with Carlton Melton youíve reached one of the tallest.

Always Even is Carlton Meltonís fourth album and with four tracks and coming in at slightly under 40 minutes itís short but very, very sweet.

The album starts with Slow Wake. A gentle lilting track reminiscent perhaps of some of Spacemen 3s calmer moments on Playing with Fire. But this is purely an introduction rather than a pointer to the feel of the album as Keeping On that follows it is full on in your face prime Carlton Melton. Swathes of reverb drenched guitar from Rich Millman that build and build, a synth sound that burbles in and out of view and Andy and Clintís tight rhythms keeping everything in check making this the highlight of the album. Spiderwebs takes the tone back down a little with its drone based backing overlaid with more relaxed picked guitar lines.

The second half of the album opens with Sarsen a furious Faust/Kraut-rock influenced piece that seems determined to bludgeon you senseless as it builds and builds in intensity . The album closes with the Splurge a slower but still heavier number that seems a fitting end to the intense ride weíve been given by Carlton Melton. DB.