Celer and Dirk Serries Ė Background Curtain (CD Zoharum)

Collaboration between these two well established artists.

Dirk Serries is a Belgian composer whoís probably best known for his work as Vidna Obmana a pseudonym he went under until 2007. These days he works in various guises such as Fear Falls Burning but here on this collaboration with Celer he has chosen to use his birth name.

This album has had a long gestation. It started life back in 2012 when Dirk and Will Long (Celer ) began to exchange some sounds and from the press sheet accompanying this release it seems Will was slightly unsure what do to with Dirkís guitar based loops. It seems he decided to take the frequencies and shapes of the wave forms from Dirks sounds and create something of his own that mirrored these. Itís explained rather confusingly in the press release and whilst the method is important to the creators perhaps us listeners can just enjoy the sounds for what they are rather than thinking about how they came into being.

Thereís two tracks on this short release Above/Below and Below/Above. Both pieces are firmly sitting in the ambient, drone territory with Above/Below having the more stretched out long droney notes as itís basis and Below/Above having more obvious individual notes moving it along. It almost strays into the instrumental territory once explored by Gong in their heyday with Steve Hillage in the line up.

There is a huge amount of drone work out there these days. And as with noise and power electronics there is so much substandard work that it becomes harder and harder to sometimes find the works that stand out. This album is one of those. Its drone but its drone that actually engages you and makes you listen rather than acts as a backdrop to your life.

As such itís a worthwhile album to add to your collection and Iíd recommend at the very least that you check it out on bandcamp and maybe treat yourself to a physical copy. DB.

Contact: www.alchembria.pl/