Centrozoon - Lovefield (CD Unsung Records)

Those appalling synth presets. Why would anyone use them? To make albums like this, that's why. The laconic mood to the album reads more like '70s soundscapes done by well-heeled techy types than the improv approach would promise. 

Markus Reuter and Bernhard Wostheinrich layer up the synths 'n sounds with clean (thank you) guitar twang and fuzzed sustain guitar (think Mike Oldfield. Now think Tossers) to bring some humanity to the dreary proceedings, but it's a lost cause. The green light to hit the Off button.

Nice clean artwork. Upside down photographs of lampshades in a field with the two protagonists,  and some finely skewed typography. The best bit of the whole experience was the image on the cd, a plain slightly sunburst yellow colour. Like looking at the Sun. HM