Centrozoon – Boner (CD Unsung)

Some time back we reviewed Centrozoon’s album Lovefield that come out in 2007. The reviewer at that time found it an unappealing album.  So it’s five years on and here is another Centrozoon album.

I would have to question the wisdom of naming your album “Boner.” But to get beyond that Centrozoon are on this album a trio that use guitar, electronics, field recordings and voice. As far as I can see the pieces are made up from hours of recordings they’ve done that are then played around with and overdubbed and arranged.

Unfortunately though the blips, bloops, splats, synth textures and vocals that they’ve created this experimental album with are quite dull and almost sound rather un-thought out.

I’ve given the album a large number of listens and the randomness of the pieces and way it sounds like noodling rather than an attempt to create songs or soundscapes or drones or any other variations makes it all rather forgettable and uninspired.

There are two versions of Boner. One mixed and sequenced by Marziano Fontana (which is this one) and one by Adrian Benavides which I haven’t heard. I don’t know how different the Benavides version is but on what I have had to go on with the Marziano Fontana version I have to come to the conclusion that this is a very disappointing album from Centrozoon. DB

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