Chapter 24 & Philippe Petit - The Red Giant Meets the White Dwarf (CD Boring Machines)

Chapter 24 started as a duo in Greece back in 82. When looking at the discography of frontman Antonis Livieratos he appears to be quite prolific, however this does not count for the releases of outfit Chapter 24, with 3 titles spanning almost 30 years being rather limited. Philippe Petit is described as a musical activist, having collaborated with the likes of Faust, Lydia Lunch, Pantaleimon, Scanner and recently sharing a 7” with Cindytalk.

On The Red Giant meets the White Dwarf 9 instrumental pieces are constructed with merely conventional instruments, sounding overall experimental and with a prominent role for fretless bass. These exercises through electro-acoustic landscapes go from oppressive to sounding expansive and then back again, resulting in impressive compositions resulting from a fruitful group improvisation on stage. This goes from almost Kosmische on ‘signals from a dying star’,  jazzy improvisation on ‘phosphorescence’, high on LSD on the epic ‘border zone’ and more pure dark experiment.

The more one listens to this disc, the more difficult it becomes to label it, and all though each track stands very well on its own, it takes some time to reach a coherent feel. Once this is taken for granted, a great trip is what results.  Realizing this is recorded in Athens in the summer of 2008, all very shortly before the ancient country’s decline, one can only hope that these forms of expression will keep on surfacing in the future. PvdG