Circuit Des Yeux Ė Overdue (CD Ba Da Bing!)

Overdue brings well-balanced seminal Goth or disturbed lamentation, or whatever complicated description one can come up with. What does not apply is anything implying an over-the-top effort. It has the feel of a debut release, with the awkward sounding bedroom acoustics, but also the authenticity and naÔve coming-of-age aura. 25 year old Haley Fohr brings as Circuit Des Yeux a number of gothic lovesongs according to the book but beautifully performed, that keep on growing with every listening turn.

I want it all for free, she chants on Lithonia where she longs for a second chance, and with the convincing innocence she brings it she makes us believe it should be given to her. With her soul turned inside out, tormented, Fohrís stories of pain and loss are spun across for us invisible dimensions and thatís maybe not the best approach as the best moments on Overdue are when the gothic polish layer slowly and almost unnoticeable dissolve and a beautiful kind of fado-like hymns surface. Overall it is alienating mix of cold wave in the style of Liberez, bedroom Goth and rural folk. And all though Fohrís voice is taking even so many directions, the venom is in the tail as the saying goes, when a Ďhiddení track appears (number nine where the CD tracklist mentions only eight). Helen, You Bitch is a great fuzzy jam that crawls in strange ways, but superbly outlandish. 

It is tempting to consider just as just another attempt of a mistreated troubadour and maybe to a certain extent that is even correct, yet Haley Fohrís passion, and anger even, is capable of getting under oneís skin, making you just want to listen over and over to relive those goose bumps moments. PvdG.