Codeine Ė When I See the Sun sampler (CD Numero)

The rise of mini festivals in holiday camps that appeal to those deterred by the thought of wadding knee high through mud at Glastonbury or Reading seems to have given rise to the reformation of those favourites from the late eighties to the mid nineties. (Step forwards the Pixies, Sleep and fIREHOSE.  Iím sure Pavement are next).

And so at the request of Mogwai who were curating another ATP event at Alexandra Palace we have got a Codeine reformation. I donít know if this is a few gigs they are doing or whether they are back together for a new album. But whichever it is the Numero Group (responsible for some great Soul re-issues) have decided to re-issue the Codeine back catalogue. The two albums and EP have all been given the usual expanded treatment and you can get them all as double albums or in one box set. You get the original album plus a bunch of demos, alternate takes and Peel session tracks.

Itís a long time since I last listened to Codeine and so it was a welcome jolt to the memory when familiar tunes appeared that have ably managed to stand the test of time. The songs on this sampler do sound like they belong to a particular era but thatís not necessarily because theyíve aged badly but more because there arenít really any bands out there nowadays that are ploughing this particular furrow.  For the most part itís hard to really fault most of tunes on this sampler for the box set. Thereís the odd miss such as Broken Hearted Wine which sounds like a bad Jacobites outtake and a few pieces that sound like Pavement on a bad day but these are few and far between and are more than made up for by tunes such as Pick Up Song, JR, Cave-In and a half decent cover of Joy Divisions Atmosphere.

If youíre curious pick up The White Birch if youíre already a fan pick up the box set. DB