Container – LP (LP Spectrum Spools)

Container is Ren Schofield best known for his prolific God Willing project that’s put out plenty of releases on his I Just Live Here label and a whole host of other labels.

The Container album is a very heavy beat orientated one. Using drum samples that sound as if they are from an 80s drum machine he’s created some strangely hypnotic, noise fuelled techno.

Beginning with “Application” a track starting solely with a rhythm we’re given the gentlest of introductions to Container until the track builds into a swirl of distorted loops and drum rolls eventually fading back to the gentle drum rhythms it started with.

“Protrusion”  follows and is a pulsing driving track built around another drum pattern and sequenced bass loop with a garbled vocal loop on top. Not a particularly exciting piece rather missing it’s opportunity to develop a bit more

“Dissolve” then starts off in the opposite direction to the openers. Beginning with a synth loop and then adding in the drum sounds . There’s quite a lot of rhythm work going on here and plenty of distortion getting added to the track as it progresses and the whole thing becoming quite manic and becoming the longest track on the album. You could imagine this one not sounding out of place on early Sahko 12”s.

“Overflow” continues with the emphasis on rhythm buts adds more layers and textures than the other pieces. Lots of almost acid house squelchiness going on here though from a more noise orientated perspective. Imagine Merzbow remixing early Plastikman  and then tame it down a bit and you're sort of getting there.

The album ends with “Rattler”. This is based around a hazy, dizzying making,  very heavy bass note loop that is almost at the point of being too intrusive but just about works. Another garbled voice loop comes and goes as hand claps, tom rolls and more high pitch, low in the mix, synth noises accompany it. The rhythms get more frantic and distorted and faster. More synth lines make an appearance and the whole thing gets more and more intense and insistent. It all ends abruptly after a very heavily distorted end to things.

Great little debut album from Container full of ideas that as concepts you wouldn’t think could work but somehow Ren manages to pull it off. Look forward to more from him. DB