Coppice – Vinculum (Coincidence): Indexed Conjectures of Coincidence Imprints Once Happened (CD Agxivatein)

Amplify and extinct, again and again. A detailed study in soundwaves as they travel through space. The guys from Chicago’s Coppice are revisiting their heartland, a biomechanical world. An abandoned world, that has been lacking some maintenance as things falter from time to time. The ongoing series that is Vinculum (archival works here with the term Coincidence added, maybe to stress the chance meetings occurring during the live performance presented here) here gets expanded into a new territory. Live alterations that interfere with hallucinatic abstractions, variations that are eventful yet atavistic in a sense that they fit perfect with earlier incarnations of Vinculum. The music itself, stripped to its essence, are stretched accordion drones and something that sounds like recurring lashes of a giant pneumatic whip. The music is layered, building on air deformation, pulling, pushing and there’s hiss, cracks, accordion melancholy build on lots of air, all compressed and released in simple monochromatic patterns. Originally there were 14 hours of performance, here brought back to 24 snapshots of enigmatic vibrations.       

Liner notes explain the setting for this 14 hour experiment, originally intended as a site-specific performance that was executed at Without You I Am Nothing: Interactions, a performance series curated by Tricia Van Eck for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. There’s two accordions and speakers with pre-recorded material, played at the exposition, and with the duo walking inconspicuous among the spectators things could go by unnoticed, unseen and without full comprehension and in that way the sounds become indissoluble with the art, with the room and with the observers experience. Vinculum is an art symbiosis, resulting in a realistic interaction between sound and observation, sonic arts becoming visual for a short moment in time.  

Vinculum, which in Latin means bond or chain but also a term used in mathematics mainly, where it represents a graphical symbol, the fraction bar, a means to express parts of a whole, dividing numbers into chunks in order to make analysis possible with more detail, and indeed also the track titles have a scientific feel, they do almost sound like tests of some kind of experimental design, here summarized and reported as some unexpected findings. A freedom exercise based on, and co-existing with highly detailed and prescriptive procedures. PvdG