Culver/Seppuku - Dedicated to Soledad Miranda (CD At War With False Noise)

 Lee Stokoe’s highly prolific Culver platform has been active on the CDR and cassette network since the mid-1990s, been involved in numerous collaborations, and occasionally even lands itself what I choose to call a ‘real’ release, such as on the split CD here with Scotland’s Seppuku, who themselves emanated from the experimental end of the doom metal/grind genres.

A lengthy piece by Culver, clocking at over 31 minutes, ‘Traces of the Woman by the Lake’, commences proceedings here with an inexorable barrage of muddy and molten drones that, it has to be said, don’t really do as much as I’d hoped for. Seppuku then follow this with two pieces around 12 or 13 minutes each that initially pursue a similar trajectory but at least have slightly better production and have far more going on in them before they dissolve into diabolical drone metal aimed at pre-pubescents with, presumably, ‘issues’. 

Another release, ultimately, then, to despair about were it not for some of the finer things in life. I think I hear my kettle boiling… RJ