Jim Coleman - Trees (CD Wax and Wane)

I really wasnít expecting this. I equate Jim Coleman with Cop Shoot Cop and their powerful album on Big Cat records Consumer Revolt. So when I put on Trees and was greeted with an album of intriguing and beautifully constructed neo classical compositions I was slightly thrown.

There are 10 tracks on here performed by 6 musicians some of whom are familiar names and should perhaps have given the direction away and some who arenít. So you get Jim Coleman and Phil Puleo (both of whom have been in Cop Shoot Cop) Ellen Fulman best known for her long string instruments , Dawn McCarthy from Faun Fables who adds some vocals, cello-player Kirsten McCord and Bryan Christie .

What I didnít know was that Jim Coleman was classically trained in piano and French horn and in the years since Cop Shot Cop, amongst other things, has scored music for TV series and films. The music on Trees is not a score for either of these though it fits very nicely into that genre. Itís primarily rather well composed, crafted and performed neo classical music. Thereís almost a medative feel to these pieces. Theyíre for the most part at a relaxed pace and blend in elements of classical styles by using stringed instrumentation and what would be considered more modern elements with reed instruments and  guitar.

I think the best way to sum up this album is to quote from an interview with Jim where he says the following:

TREES for me is kind of a personal antidote to the anxiety and stress of the world not just around me, but within me as well. I know that I can be my own worst enemy, that I can get trapped in that life of disappointment that you mention, where there is never enough, and I can make my own discontent through projecting future negativity and lamenting the past. Cop Shoot Cop had a good share of social and personal commentary, some of which dealt with what I just described. But there may have been an inherent cynicism, which kept CSC in a certain domain. Donít get me wrong, this isnít a judgment. This cynicism worked for Cop. But TREES is more about finding peace in the present, about taking a minute to breathe, to be rather than do.

All I can really add  to that is that Iíve been listening to this on a daily basis now for a couple of weeks and I canít see any reason to stop yet. DB

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