Nicolas Collins Ė Devilís Music (EM Records)

Devilís Music was originally released back in 1985 and you could describe it as an exercise in channel surfing. Nicolas swoops back and forth across the radio band picking up brief one second snatches of hip hop, acoustic sounds, strings, adverts, talk stations, whatever he came across was ripe for use.  These snatches of the broadcasts are sampled and then converted into brief loops by his ďstuttering unit.Ē He can then choose how he wishes to  mix the loops together selecting, de-tuning, and mixing them  and melding them all seamlessly together in a stellar example of how to do Plunderphonics before anyone had invented the word.

Itís not all studio trickery being employed either he has performed the pieces live on numerous occasions in different countries ( the only time Iíve seen him live in the early 90s he had taken a similar technique but applied it to CD players and discs and come up with something similar to glitch music).

Of the three tracks on CD one of this expanded edition the first utilises hip hop stations, the second easy listening stations

The third track on Cd one is The Spark Heard Round the World which is primarily made up of speech and some static, shortwave and interference. And whilst interesting, at 24 minutes in length, suffers slightly from being too long to want to return to very often.

CD two begins with Real Landscape which was originally released on cassette and is compiled from various performances of Devilís Music around the world and so takes a wider  approach by utilizing the entire radio band giving a huge variety to the piece with dance, adverts and string sections and talk shows coming up with some both fascinating as well as some amusing results.

As well as this the second CD comes with the software for you to perform your own version of Devilís Music and also a video clip of Devilís Music live.

A really well thought out re-issue with more than enough extras to interest you and despite how technology has moved on in the last 25 years this still stands up as an accomplished piece of work. DB