Osvaldo Coluccino - Neuma Q (CD Die Schachtel)

The poet and electro-acoustic composer opens the album by lulling you into familiar territory with drone elements, squitters and tone shifts for the opening track. Far from being meditative, the formalized and structured track produces plenty of movement and swerves on this largely dark album. The opener works as an example of the elements that feature in the other tracks and which get explored by those untitled tracks.  

The use of space is a big thing here. The drone element is explored further with the brief second track giving a sense of breadth and depth, pushing the walls out, creating more space for the context within which the album is heard. So it's interesting when Osvaldo, for the third track, uses small sounds in this big space. Cricks and squeaks flick from here to there. 

The 18 minute grand finale reverts to the drone element subtly shifting in tone and density across its length. Apparently it's a processed field recording. What of, I don't know. 

There's nothing here that necessarily makes the album an exceptional release. Those of you who have an interest in electro-acoustic work won't find anything substantial here to work with, but what is interesting are the ideas and the thought process that lays behind the end results. Sadly that's all to often the case. HM

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