The Chap - We Are Nobody (CD Lo Recordings)

The Chap have been around for ten years now, gigging extensively and producing four albums and even a “Best of” compilation. “We Are Nobody,” (surely titled with their tongues firmly in their cheeks?)is their fifth album and was recorded during the first half of 2011 in London and Berlin. In this first and furious paced world a year between recording and releasing could be a bit of a risk with tastes and fashions changing ever faster but I guess with The Chap’s brand of quirky electro pop you’re never going to just be the flavour of the month.

“We Are Nobody” is a short 35 minute,  11 track album that for the most part is made up of outsider pop or electro pop or any variant you care to call it. There are a couple of oddballs thrown in there though. Opener “Rhythm King” sounds as though it’s come out of a sixties French New Wave movie and there’s “Hands Free” with its bizarre “Give Me My Life Back or give Me Death” chant based indie guitar feel.

Lyrically The Chap tend to opt for rather sombre, depressing sort of themes that act as a nice juxtaposition to the carefree upbeat-ness of the album. Even “Look at the Girl” with its tender romantic beginning ends with “The driver said “she came out of nowhere.”” The Chap clearly have a sense of humour.

If slightly off kilter pop is your type of thing then you’d enjoy this latest release from The Chap. DB