Various – Autumn Blood (Constructions) (CD Lumberton Trading)

Compilation of artists associated with the Lumberton label. Featuring 12 tracks from Lawrence English, Peter Christopherson, Birds Build Nests Underground, Steven Severin, Volga, Theme, Andrew Liles, Zenial/Banabila, Formication, Sion Orgon, Human Greed (with LeeDVD) and Colin Potter.

For the most part the artists deliver pretty strong but safe tracks none of them deviating  particularly far from what you’d expect of them. I was pleasantly surprised by post Banshees Severin who delivers an enjoyable slice of dark ambient based around number station recordings. But I could really do with at least a month, no make that 6 months, without another Andrew Liles album or track. Autumn Blood is a fairly strong album as compilations go but as with any there are a couple of weaker moments. Formication sound like they listened to too much early Current 93 before recording their track and Sion Orgon delivers a piece that mutates through all sorts of styles before ending up disappointingly in pseudo Nine Inch Nails world. Birds Build Nests Underground are slightly underwhelming with their classical lp with it’s scratchy sounds, jumps and locked groves that was done thirty years ago by Foetus.

Overall it's a decent compilation and overview of the Lumberton label’s areas of interests and one worth getting hold of if two or three of the artists are ones you follow. You’ll quite possibly find some other things in there that grab your interest too. DB