Various - Boddie Recording Company : Cleveland, Ohio (CD The Numero Group)

The Numero group was Founded in 2003 as an archival record label and seems to be functioning as the Soul and Funk equivalent of the Pebbles series that brought to prominence so many long lost psychedelic and 60s Garage tracks.

The sampler for this release contains 17 tracks from a 3 CD/5 LP release exploring the catalogue of the Boddie Recording company that run from 1958 to 1993 and managed to release 300 albums and 45s.

Boddie was by no means a rich company and had a DIY recording studio housed in a humble barn that captured the sounds emanating from Cleveland’s east side neighbourhoods. The tracks on this compilation represent the best of Boddie’s in-house Soul Kitchen, Luau, and Bounty labels

While I’m not the world’s biggest Soul/Funk/R and B and Doo Wop fan there are some truly stunning pieces on this sampler. The highlight of it has to be the heavy funk of Creations Unlimited with their track Chrystal Illusion. Sadly they only appear to have released one 7” in a limited run of 1000 copes but what a 7” to leave behind as a legacy. They mutated into the Trans-National Funk Co who again seem to have only released one 7”.

Other highlights of this sampler include A.C Jones and the Atomic Aces who are more R and B (and only spent a brief period in Cleveland coming originally from Florida and returning there when they found Cleveland too cold!) The Chantells with what sounds like a fake live recording , and the Headlines with their Motown influenced He’s Looking for Love.

There’s a few misses on here that seem to be the more Gospel sounding tracks but overall it’s a fascinating little history lesson of this obscure though somewhat prolific recording company. DB