Various Artists - Impedance (CDr Attenation Circuits)

After a year in existence Attenuation Circuits put together this 14 track compilation bringing together tracks that cover a wide range of styles. Each of the artists has either had a release on Attenuation Circuits or will be releasing one at some point in the future.

As compilations go its well thought out and there’s clearly been some attention given to how the tracks flow rather than just being randomly thrown together in some sort of haphazard order.

As with most compilations it would be surprising if every track appealed to everyone but then surely the purpose of a compilation is to give you a glimpse into things and provide you with a little taster of what is on offer.

The range covered here goes from the opener by Deep that sounds like an instrumental outtake of an early Cocteau Twins album with it heavy use of delayed guitar through to the industrial tones of ORiFACE who repeatedly use samples from Throbbing Gristle’s Hamburger Lady.

In between you get a mellow laid back groove from Doc Wor Mirran (probably the most well-known name on this compilation) a more digital take on things from Aalfang mit pferdekopf (think Pan Sonic), Elektrojudas  provide a more late 80s take on Industrial,  Sustained Development employ what sounds  like some Neubauten-ish subtle metal bashing (though it could be a bass being manipulated) and Yield who give us a more ambient noise soundscape.

It’s a pretty comprehensive run through of Attenuation’s interests and certainly serves as a good introduction to the label. DB