Various Artists Ė Wild Sounds From an Overheated Jukebox (CD Righteous Psalm)

So here we have the next instalment in Righteous Psalms Lux and Ivy Dig series. The previous one (review can be found here: Insane Rockabilly was not the best of the series but with Overheated Jukebox it seems to have gone back on track.

As usual the set is nicely packaged in a 2CD jewel case. Thereís a booklet with liner notes by Dave Henderson of Mojo who gives a little bit of background and some tasty nuggets of information about the tracks on the discs.

CD one opens with the very strong The Mash by Bud Spudd and The Sprouts. Despite the bad choice of band name, itís a great opener with Bud having a voice that could give James Brown a good run for his money.  The first CD has a strong collection of upbeat numbers on it from mostly a bunch of groups Iím not familiar with but clearly had a good song or two in them.  In amongst the unknowns is Johnny Guitar Watson. I have seen mentioned that Lee Hazelwood is on this as Lonesome Lee but Lonesome Leeís voice sounds nothing like Hazelwood to me

The CDs cover various genres, itís not just Rockabilly, thereís straight forward Rock n Roll from the Bill Hailey inspired Sid King and the Five Strings, Country from Larry and Dixie David and girl pop from Cindy Malone. With a good representation of what you could classify as novelty records, Heap Big Smoke for example.

Overall, a pretty decent collection that has plenty of tracks that have stood the test of time pretty well. The afore mention Bud Spudd, The Gamblers, Cindy Malone and Faron Warmer to name a few. With 50 tracks youíre bound to find more than a handful thatíll be pleasing on your ears. DB