CeDell Davis - The Horror Of It All (LP Fat Possum)

CeDell plays with scant regard for the niceties of technique and craftsmanship. By necessity he's had to develop a method of playing that is his own. The onset of polio prevented access to the usual blues style. There's a raw sincerity to his blues; utterly unique as it should be. His fist clamps onto a knife for slide, while plucking strings and singing in a way stripped of artifice. The man's got heart. His broken legs confine him to a wheelchair but his head and heart are free. That's what he plays and that's what you hear. 

His delta blues was formed through his physical limitations and constant playing in the rougher clubs around. Although the initial impact on the new listener is that of ragged playing, within the length of one song he hooks you in. He plays to his own ear, not the accepted norm. And he's all the more worth hearing for it.  

The album's primarily a solo work but he is accompanied by drums on 'Chicken Hawk' and drums, bass and guitar on 'If You Like Fat Women.' HM

Contact: www.fatpossum.com