Cyril Diaz and His Orchestra - Taboo (10" EP Soundway)

Back in the 1950s when musicians could play properly and knew how to get the finely dressed couples onto the dance floor, multi-instrumentalist Cyril Diaz's orchestra backed all the Calypso singers of Trinidad.  

There's a wonderful Moondog-esque quality to these four largely instrumental recordings that's evocative of another era. Sassy saxes  ride over the top of the slow swaying calypso rhythm section. All tracks have been released before and hail from 1958-59, but they provide a great introduction to Cyril's work and the influences on him. For example the tracks 'Chive Soup Merengue' and 'Serenal' have noticeable Latin influence to them. 

Although it came out on 'Record Shop Day' it wasn't really part of it and, thankfully, is still (at time of writing) pretty easy to get despite being limited to 1500 copies. Even the drawing of the map of Trinidad on the front cover puts you in the mood. HM