Dalek - From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots (CD Ici D'ailleurs)

I went to the  Supersonic Festival  in Birmingham back in 2005. It would have been a great weekend but was sadly curtailed early by a bomb scare in Birmingham city centre meaning I never got to see Merzbow collaborate with Stephen O’Malley or to see Psychic TV. I did though before we all got sent away early get to see Dalek. I think I was intrigued by the collaboration that Dalek and Faust had done and decided that I ought to see Dalek live.

And that was probably the last time I heard or saw anything by them. As it turns out though From Filthy… is their 2nd album from 2002 reissued here on the Ici d’ailleurs label with the addition of two extra tracks.

I’m not the world’s most formative authority on hip hop, I’ve very little of it in my collection and it’s not a genre that I’ve followed or explored very much. That said this album seems to be for the most part a more adventurous listen to than other hip hop alums or tracks that have I heard as Dalek seem to be keen to introduce elements you wouldn’t normally associate with hip hop, there’s what you would regard as the foundations of a hip hop track, with breakbeats and rapping but other elements are frequently found here. For example there’s a lot of use of more distorted riffy samples, or the bit of jazz piano at the beginning of Spiritual Healing. There’s sitar and tablas in Trampled Brethren that starts off sounding like some psychedelic  trippy album at its beginning until the beats kick in. Then there’s the proggy sounding keyboards of Forever Close My Eyes. It’s a good mish mash of different sounds and styles.

For what was only their second album it was a pretty strong release. It’s got moments where it falls down or lapses in energy a bit and gets a bit tired but overall it pointed to Dalek being worth keeping any eye on. DB

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