Delia Derbyshire - Electrosonic (LP Glo-Spot)

Those library music LPs you've spent years picking up for pennies at car boot sales are apparently now 'collectable.' Sadly this means tossers are buying them all up and eBaying them for rip-off sums and you won't be finding any more. 

That's opened up the field for labels to re-release the albums and instantly create yet more 'collectables.' Smashing, thanks everyone. 

Well here's another one. The marvellous Delia Derbyshire, Brian Hodgson and Don Harper produced this album in 1972. Ostensibly a collection of electronic mood music for whatever TV/radio show wanted it, the 19 tracks do work well as a stand-alone album. Varying from the gently unsettling to the quirkly bouncy, the mood shifts from track to track. Melodic, tonal or rhythmic, this is electronics as instruments rather than effects. 

The extensive and highly informative sleeve notes are by John Cavanagh, he being the person responsible for licensing the re-release of this, musically, fine album. 

Available on cd and different coloured vinyls. The vinyls are abysmal pressings (at least the one I played is), but that's the unavoidable nature of coloured vinyl. Initially pressed in green vinyl, it then also came out in red and blue vinyls. 

It's right and proper the members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop finally got, and continue to receive, the recognition they deserve but a shame that it's being smothered by the world of collectors/investors/music snobs. HM

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