Disappears Era (CD Kranky)

This is the 3rd album I've reviewed in a relatively short period by Disappears in a couple of years. Having not heard their debut album Lux, they released an ok second album (Guider) and a superb third (Pre Language) now they release Era, again on Kranky. What I like about Disappears is that they stay close to their own typical brand, which is a bold and tough sound, heavily supported by bass and staccato guitar, although that on Era they make a shift to a more raw sound, where motorik wins over subtle details. What stayed is that also on Era consists of grayish doom, erasing the past this time with a translucently decisiveness, only to rise like an atavistic post punk band. There are moments, for example on Weird House and New House that Disappears sound like Joy Division and it is this almost primitive and raw sound that probably could make this guys successful to a broader audience. Disappears are from Chicago and Era is a snapshot of big city life. That should of course not per se be a bad thing as statistically seen a big population can lead to great uniqueness, but the risk is there that that same city might swallow them back into the grayish banality to disappear forever. They produce a very clean, smooth and slick sound, which is a little bit disappointing from a band that would be 10 times better if they would make their productions sound just a little more dirty.  

And as some of this might sound all a little disappointing and it might be true that Era is just not as good as Pre-Language, still Disappears does not let down and I hope to remain as a distant witness seeing them evolve, finding their possible future in stepwise progression towards whatever sound is making them and us tick. PvdG.

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