DREAMSCAPE – La-Di-Da (CD Kranky)

 Chicago based record label Kranky found a time capsule with music recorded in the early nineties, decided to open it and eventually also to release the stuff. We’re talking about mainly previously unavailable material by Bristol’s Dreamscape. For those unfamiliar with Dreamscape (and I guess most of us are), they were a trio existing in the early nineties, with a sound that was created during the second half of the eighties, steeped for too long time in melodrama. A shoegazer trio continuing the direction of the Chameleons or The Cocteau Twins (these without a doubt come to mind) in a musical landscape that was changing rapidly ; postrock was dawning, jungle and D&B were much more prolific and radically showing new directions and grunge was hitting this scene pretty hard from an unexpected corner. Maybe it’s just because I listen to it now, sounding very out of time, I sense that the band members also felt this was a scene soon to fade out, and that they were quickly trying to make a legacy. The legacy consists of four never released tracks (the first four), the other four songs were released on the Cradle EP (on La-Di-Da). As a bonus a track is added that was intended for a new album that never came into existence.  

In the liner notes a statement is made about a chance that this music can now be heard by the greater public it deserved. I am not necessarily in agreement with this, I do agree that if one is into this rather specific music, that existed only for a very short period in history, this record by this obscure collective is for compleists a must. PvdG.

Contact: www.kranky.net